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Meet Lumni, a glowing creature with the power of Time Bending. She is about to embark on a journey that takes her to where no light has ever been before. Navigate monsters, shadows, crates, and spikes as you try to go as far as you can.

This game is still under development, we will be adding new features in the coming weeks.


- Use your Time Bending capability when tension rises
- Endless runner
- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation


The game is still in development and we would love to hear your opinion about our game. If you think a key feature is missing or that something needs to be fixed. Please let us know in your review. Your can mail us at newretrogamestudio@gmail.com

V1.2 update!

Week 4 of our development of Lumni brings some big and small changes:
- We welcome a new enemy, the Skeleton, be careful!
- A brand new, bright as hell, Red World.
- Improvements towards visibility of the existing levels
- The Wasp enemy had a better attack en became a lot more fierce (and annoying)!
- Buttons to click!
- We added a Combo system, it will multiply when you defeat pesky enemies.
- Score! A new way of seeing how good, or bad, you are doing.
- Lots of random bugs fixed

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